It has been awhile since I have blogged.

Andrea Nugent could not have said it better....

Sometimes thing happen to us that we just don't undertand.

These things sometime become the doors and window to our destiny.

I had a very scary incident. I had a heart attack which resulted in two stents.

I had a very bad case of acid reflux one night but took an acid reducer and it eased up.The next morning I was schedule for a rountine doctors appointment. What I thought was reflux once again started and of couse I took another acid reducer. I told my doctor that I was having horrible acid reflux and the acid reducers that I was taking was not really helping. He found my blood pressure was elevated and sent me downstairs to have blood work , EKG and a chest xray. He advised to come back to his office after the test. I was called back immediatley when I arrived back upstairs. My doctor came in and said you are having a heart attack. He had called EMS to bring me to the hospital. My doctor stayed with me  until EMS rolled me out. The staff at the hospital were great. All began to ease and they put me in a room. Several minutes later the reflux feeling returned. The staff did a EKG and the ER Doctor called the cardiolgist who came over immediatly. Before I knew it I was in the cath lab getting stents.

First, I am so thankful to my wonderful doctor and the staff in the ER and heart wing of the hospital. They were excellent to say the least.

As a Christian, I beleive the Lord puts you where you need to be and in contact with the people you need. This day, my faith was proven. The Lord put me in the right place at the right time and the proper medical staff to help me. I was truly blessed.

I wanted to share my journey as a women my symptoms were what I thought was acid reflux. I did not have any other symptioms. No paint in the arms, no pain in my back, etc. Ladies, take care of yourselves and know the symptions of a heart attack. They present differently in women. 

I will be blogging about symptons of heart attacks and stokes in hopes that women will become aware of issues before it is to late.