It’s Lundi Gras!Did you know? Lundi Gras is a relatively recently popularized name for a series of Shrove Monday events taking place during Mardi Gras? It includes the tradition of Rex, King of the New Orleans carnival,and Zulu King arriving by boat.

I am a New Orleans Lady! Born in NOLA and reared in the suburbs. As the saying goes you can take the girl out of NOLA but you can’t take the NOLA out of the girl.Now, we celebrate Mardi Gras in Baton Rouge with our family and friends. Megan never hesitates to tell everyone to watch out as the New Orleans comes out in my mom during the parades! Oh yes, I do know how to say “Throw Me Something Mister”! I have so many fond memories of past Mardi Gras celebrations with family and friends in NOLA. My favorite memory is meeting the love of my life on Lundi Gras 35 years ago. Of course, we will celebrate with our last King Cake of the season.