It is National Small Business Week!Do you like personalized service, businesses who care about their customers and provide quality products? 

Your support of a small business is invaluable! Most small businesses do not have the budget for large advertising. 10 ways to show your support without spending moneys shown below. New algorithms on social media states posts across all channels need likes,comments and social interaction for the post to grow and be shown. If you share and tag friends all the better. Please use the shops hashtag when sharing any post.Thank you for your support of our small business.

1.) Floow them on social media

2.) Like their posts

3.) Share their posts

4.) Comment on ther posts

5.) Tag friends who would like them

6.) Post photos of their products, tag them and use their hashtag

7.) Tell firends about their products and encourage them to shop there

8.) Write reviews

9.) Sign-Up for email

10.) Send a message or email and tell them you appreciate what they do