I have worked in both small and large companies throughout my working years which taught me the importance of excellent customer service. When Megan and I began forming Monogram Parade, I knew that the we would strive each day to focus on quality product and service to our customers. We feel people and companies of excellence go the extra mile to do what’s right! 

Our extra mile:

 · Treat our customers like we would want to be treated

· Be available to answer all questions· Go the extra mile to make sure we create a custom design and items to fit their needs

· Offer quality products at a reasonable cost

· Extra mile with service extras:

    Custom Design

    Trimming all threads

    Cutting those annoying jump stitches for a clean final product

    Providing non scratch backing on our products 

Do you miss the days of personalized customer service, where you are greeted and valued as a customer? Don’t look any further, contact Monogram Parade and experience  our extra mile service!