Do you know the benefits of having Branded Apparel for your company? For companies of all sizes, exposure can be crucial for brand recognition, and every time your logo is recognized it increases the odds of keeping that brand top-of-mind. Branded Apparel increases Visual Recognition, Branding creates trust, supports advertising, inspires employees and generates new customers. The Do’s and Don’ts of creating branded apparel: Do:

  • Spend time, on your logo to make sure it is a clean and easily recognizable design
  • Be industry appropriate (clean and professional )
  • Ask for opinions–from your associates, from your customers, your screen-printer when considering your apparel needs.


  • Go for the cheapest apparel, just because it’s the cheapest. Would you wantto wear it? If the answer is no, it’s a safe assumption that not many others would want to either Go for the cheapest screen printer. Poorly produced screen prints or stitching can look bad or quickly fall apart – relegating your apparel to the trash.
  • Be afraid to use messaging or slogans in your designs.

Monogram Parade can help you with your Branded Apparel needs. We offer monogramming and screen-printing services. We will help you choose the merchandise (shirts, hats, aprons, jackets, etc.) that best serve your company’s needs. Contact us today to discuss your customized quote.