I was born in the Big Easy and reared in the suburbs. Megan was born and reared in Baton Rouge. We are southern ladies and have a love of all the unique traditions that come with making our home in Louisiana.

 My mother and her sisters were excellent seamstress. Our love for monogramming was inherited.  

When Megan’s little girl was born, we immediately asked for a monogramming machine. Our single head machine allowed us to monogram for our sweet baby girl. Our family and friends began asking us to monogram items for them thus Monogram Parade was born. 

We began slow as we both worked full time jobs and invested in a 10-needle machine. We  increased our knowledge and skill by attending meetings, classes and networked with others in our industry. Both Megan and I feel that quality along with excellent customer service would be the foundation of our business. 

We began the business with a focus on infant and children’s design and apparel. We slowly incorporated items for adults.

 Four years later, we thank our loyal customers who have allowed us to grow. We now have 4 machines! As our business has grown, we now offer merchandise for infant, children, tweens, and adults. Monogram Parade also specializes in working with small businesses to brand their company apparel. 

We are thankful to our Lord and Savior for his guidance and  the blessings he has bestowed on us. To our dear friends and clients, we are thankful for the privilege to work with each of you.