Monogram Parade believes in giving back to our community. As our business began Megan and I knew that we wanted to work local charitable organizations. We began praying as I have always believed that the Lord opens the door if he is leading the way. 

The doors opened in the most usual ways with the Lord’s guidance. We now have the distinct pleasure of working with two outstanding non-profit organizations: 

Cajun Navy 2016was formed as a non-profit shortly after our great flood. We were contacted by a nursing coworker of Megan’s who knew we has started our monogramming business. She is a member of Cajun Navy 2016 and they were in need of shirts. Of course, we jumped in to help! 

 Cajun Navy Search and Rescue is a Nonprofit Corp committed to citizen led search and water rescue. Men using their own boats and assets to save others. What exactly do they do? Water rescues, medical triage, and supply distribution. 

Cajun Navy 2016 teams’ deployments include: The Great Flood of 2016, Hurricane Harvey 2017, Hurricane Maria 2017, Hurricane Florence.2018 , Hurricane Michael 2018, Lee County Tornado 2019, Ville Platte Tornado 2019, Various Missing person searches. 

The CN2016 men and women train in disaster assistance and are always willing to help at a moment’s notice.

 We are honored to support Cajun Navy 2016 (Search and Rescue). 

 Bella Bowman Foundationmission is to create and support research initiatives for pediatric brain cancer, fund educational opportunities and offer non-medical comfort care to children diagnosed with cancer and the families who care for them.

 Bella’s story will touch your heart: 

Bella showed us the meaning of Courage, Belief, Faith, and Strength; and we are the messengers to pass that on to others. Once we learned of Bella’s story and the work of the foundation that her parents set up here in Baton Rouge, we knew we wanted to be a part of this wonderful organization.

 We are looking forward to working with this unique foundation and the upcoming Bella’s Royal Celebration. The Celebration is a time to teach our children how to share their own Courage, Belief, Faith, and Strength with others.