Do you expect excellent customer service? I have worked in customer-oriented business all my life. It was instilled in employees to provide excellent customer service.

 I now find myself demanding excellent customer service. I want to be noticed when I come into your business. When I call customer service I want service extended. When I chat with customer service I do not expect to be holding waiting for responses. 

Yes, I am fired up! I have been a long time customer of my cable service. Their customer service is poor to say the least. I called, and the recording said it was 30 minute to 1 hour hold time to speak with someone and recommend I chat for faster service. I decided to chat. Needless to say, I was on chat with the customer service for 1 hour. My phone kept timing out due to delayed responses. Just as I expected, I was told there was not an outage in my area and they ran test and could not see any issues. My response was I pay for this service and detailed my internet speeds on my plan. I also responded with I ran a speed test and gave the results. After 45 minutes of not getting anywhere I asked them to send out a tech. Why was this not offered? I was then told if the problem was not theirs I would be charged. I then had to correct them that I pay for the maintenance plan and should not have any charge. Response – Oh, I see that now. I was once again livid. The problem here is there is only one other reliable carrier in my area and they have issues as well.

With all this said, my provider keeps raising their prices and the service is not getting any better but worse in my opinion. Why do companies not reward long time customers? Do you not value our business? 

When we started Monogram Parade, I set forth in our business plan to offer quality merchandise with exceptional customer service. This has been our goal from the start. We strive every day to communicate with our customers and provide the quality and service that you should receive for patronizing small businesses. We value our customers as we realize there are other choices out there. MP also strives to reward our repeat customers with our VIP group. If you are not a member of our Facebook VIP group, request your membership today. 

Remember to shop small business as these companies will give you the service and quality you should receive.